creating collaborative
multi-use spaces

Loft Co is an award-winning property developer based in Cardiff. Focussing on the regeneration of historic buildings and landmarks into mixed-use facilities. Lotf Co is Wales’ first true pioneer with regards to live/work units, working in complex regeneration areas to create stylish, cutting edge mixed-use developments.

Having built over 400 houses and apartments in Wales during the last decade, Loft Co has won a significant amount of awards for the refurbishment and development of many difficult and complex buildings.

With a core principle based on sustainable construction, Loft Co’s focus is to always keep the building and work a scheme around the historical importance and nature of the existing elements and infrastructure…



At Loft Co we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that is unique, accessible and most importantly, fun.


Loft Co pioneered live, work developments with the seaman mission in 1999, and continues to live sustainable work arrangements in beautiful, well designed and affordable locations.


Life balance is at the forefront of Loft Co’s ethos. With the flexible nature of our work force in mind, our tech hubs, office and commercial spaces are an extension of one’s lifestyle.


Loft Co realises that in a fast-evolving market, down time is critical. The schemes that we provide are creating a new ecosystem, with regards to the living experience. The position of this development and structure ensures that the living experience of owner and tenants is maximised.

Multi-Award Winning